Hudson Valley iCampus


Hudson Valley iCampus

Hudson Valley iCampus is Rockland County’s Premier Mixed-Use Property for Businesses.

Power Infrastructure


Onsite 23-Megawatt Central Utility Plant Primary electrical power is supplied to the Pearl River site via three utility transmission lines from Orange & Rockland Utilities (O&R), all lines enter at the southwest corner of the site. The plant distribution system consists of 40 substations. The site currently has 24 standby generators, 8 fixed in place and 16 portable units. The site also supports a cogeneration facility (Cogen) that is integral to steam plant operations. Systems are in place that provide for excess electric production to be delivered back to the local utility at prevailing market prices.


All Steam is supplied by the Steam Plant (Building 132) and the Steam Co-Generation Plant (Building 133). The steam supply can be isolated to facilitate a major shutdown.

Water Infrastructure


The site has nine chilled water plants. Some plants serve as regional central plants serving multiple buildings. Others serve as satellite installations serving specific buildings and building complexes. Building 100 Complex: All chilled water is supplied by dedicated chillers within the building.


Six cooling towers located throughout the site. Total capacity is approximately 60,000 gallons per minute. The tower water make-up from evaporation, blow down and overflow is supplied from the plant well water system.


Nine wells located both on site and off campus. Wells can deliver up to 2750 GPM and 50 psi to the cooling towers and boiler house. Current peak demand is 1,300 GPM.


The campus procures potable domestic “city” water for sanitary, process, and supplementary emergency cooling purposes. There are four service mains delivering city water to the campus central services distribution system.
Each main has a meter location.

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